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This photograph, posted on Facebook by someone blighted by aircraft noise and pollution, has prompted people to ask why so many aircraft are flying over certain areas of London – and is it acceptable and is it safe? The photo prompted a number of comments from angry residents whose lives are being made hell by airport operations. The photograph, posted […]


Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, has set out his intention to address poor air quality in the capital and is giving us all the chance to complete a consultation survey – closing on 29th July. The Mayor has announced plans to introduce new measures, such as an extra charge on the most polluting vehicles, and expanding the Ultra Low Emission […]

While we are reminding Theresa May of her past opposition to airport expansion, The Telegraph has unearthed this comment she made when Shadow Secretary of State for Transport on 16th December 2003. “Far from setting a clear way forward for air transport in the UK, today’s announcement [of expansion] is a fudge from an incompetent government, which will deliver only […]

When new Prime Minister Theresa May left Downing Street for her first Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday 20 July, she couldn’t miss the gathering of campaigners protesting against a third runway at Heathrow. This was just a reminder to the Maidenhead MP that residents currently living under the threat of a bigger Heathrow, want an announcement that a third runway […]

The government has to “move rapidly” on airport expansion in the South East and is likely to make an announcement “within weeks”, according to Transport Secretary Chris Grayling during a Radio 4 interview yesterday. Chris Grayling, who was appointed to the Transport role in new Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle, said that an immediate decision would be taken to […]